Practice Areas

Conrad & Scherer is a leading law firm with a national presence concentrated in Florida, New York, and North Carolina, along with an international office in Quito, Ecuador.

We represent clients in high-stakes cases and provide legal representation across a wide variety of areas, ranging from commercial litigation to employment law, government relations, and wrongful death.

With nearly a half-century of history behind us, Conrad & Scherer remains dedicated to providing attentive, personal service and aggressive representation, both inside and outside of the courtroom.

Conrad & Scherer’s practice areas include:

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation covers any type of lawsuit or business dispute between businesses, businesses and government entities, and employees and employers. A broad range of conflicts can be grouped into this discipline, including breach of contract, class action lawsuits, business torts, civil RICO claims, and joint venture disputes.

Cases that require commercial litigation may happen at both the state and federal levels and can also involve private arbitrations and administrative hearings. It is common to witness business to business disputes, however, we have also represented business owners in cases involving employees and government agencies.

We’re seeing a surge in multidistrict and interdisciplinary litigation. As commercial litigation becomes more complex and the stakes increase, retaining a strong legal team has become more imperative than ever before. 

Conrad & Scherer’s trial attorneys provide general commercial litigation representation along with a specific focus on commercial fraud and complex business litigation.

Bank Fraud Litigation

Bank fraud is a serious crime that dramatically impacts anyone who has lost money or assets due to fraudulent means used by exploitative individuals who otherwise are trusted with safeguarding the wealth of their clients.

Individuals and organizations can both be victims of bank fraud. Victims of bank fraud should reach out to an attorney at a firm with a proven track record of success. At Conrad & Scherer, our dedicated team of bank fraud litigators has decades of combined experience in bank fraud cases, giving us unmatched insight and expertise in the world of financial fraud litigation. Our team has successfully recovered damages for victims of bank fraud and other white-collar criminal cases in South Florida and beyond for over 45 years.

Ponzi Scheme Litigation

Ponzi schemes were already rampant in the 1990s and early 2000s, now these types of scams have become increasingly popular in the new age of “digital entrepreneurs” touting their success on social media and luring prospective investors towards potential financial disaster. Victims of Ponzi schemes are liable to suffer immense loss. It can be difficult to realize you are an unwilling participant of a Ponzi scheme until it is too late. With help from a seasoned investment fraud attorney, you can fight back against Ponzi schemes potentially recover losses.

Our team understands how frustrating falling victim to a Ponzi scheme can be and we will work fiercely to recover your financial losses. Contact our team of Ponzi scheme litigators today, and let us fight for you!

Construction Litigation

Because there are so many moving parts, strict deadlines, and tight budgets involved in a construction project, it’s all too easy for negligence or a disagreement to bring things to a screeching halt. Construction law revolves around disputes between stakeholders involved in construction projects at a governmental, commercial, or residential level. Stakeholders typically include individuals and entities such as project owners, contractors, material suppliers, investors, and insurance companies.

Through our construction litigation services, Conrad & Scherer can assist you with a variety of claims involving contract negotiations, bonds, guarantees and sureties, liens and security interests, tendering, construction claims, consultancy contracts, negligence, and more.

Reaching out for assistance with your construction litigation case is the best option for keeping a construction project on time and budget. Our talented trial attorneys can help you overcome obstacles, such as breach of contract and professional negligence, in order to get your project back on track.

See High-Impact Results with Conrad & Scherer

Conrad & Scherer opened its doors as a local law firm in the 1974. Since then, we have developed a leading reputation in Florida and gone on to open additional offices in New York and North Carolina. We are also proud to serve clients overseas at our office in Quito, Ecuador. Our legal services extend to international law specialties, including International Family Law, International Mergers & Acquisitions, International Negotiations, and International Real Estate.

Contact us today, and learn why Conrad & Scherer has such a terrific reputation amongst our peers and within the community. We’re happy to discuss the details of your case and provide in-depth insight into your legal options.

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